Withdrawal Policy


Kryptoeuclub.com (hereinafter referred to as Kryptoeuclub.com) is well-known for its efficient and quick withdrawal process. We understand that being able to withdraw your funds with ease is a vital part of trading effectively and as a result, it is one of our highest priorities. Our ability to process your withdrawals at the highest possible speed is, however, dependent upon our ability to accurately verify your identity and to ensure no malicious attempt has been made.

As part of our compliance program and to verify your identity as the legal owner of the account, we will request the following 3 documents as part of our compliance program. Please note that withdrawals shall not be approved until all documents have been reviewed and officially approved by the relevant Kryptoeuclub.com staff.

  1. Photo ID– Please provide a copy/scan of the front and back section of a government-issued photo ID, with your signature, issuing date and expiration date all clearly visible.
  2. Proof of Residence– Please provide a copy/scan of a utility bill issued in the last three months, with your address clearly visible and matching your account details.
  3. Proof of Payment– Only for credit card transactions. Please provide a copy/scan of the front and back side of your credit card with only the last four (4) digits of the card the number, the name and signature on the card visible. If your original deposit was made by wire transfer, please provide a copy of the transfer receipt instead.

Important: Documents should be sent in a colour image format, such as JPEG or PDF file-types.

For more information please visit our compliance page.

Who is eligible for a withdraw?

A user may request a withdraw only when they have opened an active Kryptoeuclub.com trading account and have funded it. Withdraws shall be issued according to the criteria detailed below. We reserve the right to dismiss withdraw claims that do not meet these criteria.

How to Request a Withdraw?

In order to make a withdraw request, please fill out our withdraw request form in your account on the platform.

What Documents Are Required for a Withdraw?

To ensure the safety of our clients’ funds and to prevent any misconduct, we will require specific identification information before a withdraw will be issued. All payment details relating to the transaction in question shall be sent to Kryptoeuclub.com for verification. In some cases, Kryptoeuclub.com staff may request further documents, including, but not limited to, official ID, payment information, invoices, or other documents, as requested. If a user has failed to provide further information or documents within 14 days of receiving the request, Kryptoeuclub.com shall exercise its right to decline a withdraw.

Kryptoeuclub.com is fully committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our services. We will endeavour to resolve the issue as soon as possible, but keep in mind that response times may vary, depending on the specific issue at hand. Furthermore, please note that sending a withdraw request does not guarantee that it will be approved by our staff.

Which withdrawals methods can I use?

Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency withdrawal can be done at any time if the terms for withdrawal are met. Kryptoeuclub.com can send to your own wallet the cryptocurrency of your preference.

Credit Card: Credit Card withdraws can be executed up to the actual amount deposited. Funds invested by a credit card can be withdrawn to the same card only. Any additional funds can be withdrawn only via wire transfer or other alternative methods. Minimum withdraw amount is 100 USD / GBP / EUR.

Wire Transfer: This option can be used only when asking for profits or for those accounts that were funded using a wire transfer method. Wire transfer timing will vary on a few days to be effective because we work with different banks depending the country the request is made from. Minimum withdraw amount is 250 USD / GBP / EUR.

Once approved, withdrawals via wire transfer or credit card, please allow 10 to 14 business days for the withdraw to reach your bank account.

How Soon Will I Receive the Withdraw?

Kryptoeuclub.com will process and reply to a user’s withdraw request within ten (10) business days of receiving such a request.

Important: If your account is suspected of engaging in prohibited activity, we reserve the right to delay and/or decline a withdraw request. Furthermore, we reserve the right to lock accounts until a final decision on the withdraw request has been reached.